Boss GX700 rack mount multi effect processor & digitech foot controller. in Ruislip, Greater London for sale

Boss GX700 rack mount multi effect processor & digitech

The unit is in fantastic condition and perfect working order. Also come with a digitech foot controller so as you can create and select your own patches with ease.
Comes with power supply unit but no manual. The power supply for the foot controller has been damaged so you will most likely need a new one.
Here’s what they say about the Boss GX700.
The Boss GX700 uses a solid-state analog front end to create its distortion and overdrive effects, and this is followed by a powerful multi-effects unit featuring amp and speaker simulation -- based on Roland's COSM modelling technology.
The following effects are included in the GX-700: Overdrive/Distortion, Wah, 3 Band Equalizer, Noise Suppressor, Modulation (Flanger, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Harmonist, Vibrato, Ring Modulator, Humanizer), Delay, Chorus, Tremolo/Pan and Reverb. Only one modulation effect can be used at the same time so the Flanger and Vibrato can not be used simultaneously. There are mono or stereo outputs.
The GX-700 has 100 factory presets and another 100 memory locations for storing user patches.
Contact me with any questions you may have.